Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's late and I promise to tell you about my Broadway trip. But first I thought I'd back up and tell you about one of the reasons I started this blog; it actually pushed me over the edge. 

The  other morning I happened to tune into WFNX while I was driving, and heard some radio "personality" dissing Woody Allen's latest film just released on DVD. This guy started saying not to bother getting the DVD, because it didn't look very good--it had Larry David in it and it just didn't look very good.  I believe this person said he hadn't actually SEEN the movie--he just decided it didn't look good based on--I don't know what-- either the trailer, or the cast, or some moronic notion he pulled out of his hat.  I nearly drove off the road. How arrogant. How idiotic. And what a disservice to a brilliant filmmaker, with a 50 year career, to have someone decide his film didn't LOOK good, so he's going to use his little 15 minutes to spew. And what an insult to serious critics everywhere who respect movies enough to actually sit through them before they make their decisions and offer their opinions.  Maybe the film was bad. Maybe it was good. But this individual wouldn't know--because HE HADNT SEEN IT. As I write this I'm thinking--is it possible? Did I really hear that? Could anyone actually be that ignorant? If I'm wrong, I stand corrected. Did anyone else hear this?
There is just so much garbage out there passing for information--that I felt compelled to weigh in. And until I have a larger forum, this blog is it. 

Stay tuned--
and goodnight.

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