Friday, November 20, 2009

So I get an e-mail from the Chief of Police in Eastham on the Cape --he happens to be my cousin Ed Kulhawik. Ever the security conscious relative, he informs me there's a google alert out involving me and Jerry Remy. A WHAT?  A GOOGLE ALERT? I've just started googling (I used to have people do it for me. Don't even get me started on "Bing-ing.") And now there's an alert? Wow. The blogosphere is way cool. 

And while we're on the subject of security, my husband and I were threatened with arrest the other night while attempting to park for an event at BU-- that I was hosting! A Boston cop wouldn't let us turn into a street where there was a lot with a space reserved for me, so I could run in and emcee the Mass Dance Festival.
My husband pulled the car over so we could explain, and the officer wasn't having any of it. All he knew was he had been told the LOT WAS FULL. When I tried to insist, he put his hands on the vehicle and said if we didn't move he would place us under arrest for assault with a deadly weapon. (The car.) What other choice had he? Clearly we were dangerous. Seething, I got out of the car and walked. My husband circled the block until I was done. We then went into town and had a lovely late supper at Scampo. It's amazing what a champagne cocktail did for my mood.

Finally--I just found out I have something in common with a Pulitzer Prize-Winning Historian. It seems DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN is hot for HAMM. Jon Hamm that is, the most deliriously sexy man ever to appear on television. A meeting was arranged between the historian and the mad man on the set of the movie he's been shooting in Boston, Ben Affleck's THE TOWN. Do you think when they make TEAM OF RIVALS: THE MOVIE--they'll cast Hamm as Lincoln?? I can hardly keep from thinking about him in a stove pipe hat.

Stay tuned--
and good night!


  1. Surprise! You have a blog--how fantastic! I'm so exctied to read more! Take care and send my best to everyone.


  2. i'm sooo glad you didn't get cuffed and stuffed for such a ridonkulous triviality....yeessh those power mad blokes with badges have to lighten up and listen might make life a lil happier for them...and lead to better understanding and peace for the lot of us

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