Monday, November 23, 2009

What a great day--I did something I've never done before--I recorded my first PODCAST with best-selling novelist (and my pal) Alice Hoffman!!! We covered everything from the idiocy of the recent government recommendation to hold off on mammograms til 50, to the absurdity of Sarah Palin as a serious political figure, to the enduring empathy of Oprah and her recent announcement to end the daily grind and move on. I think Alice and I should be on her new network. O MY! I will post all 12 minutes of our scintillating conversation shortly!

Tonight I went to Westwood High to narrate a concert I've been rehearsing with the New England Philharmonic--in the program was this hilarious piece by Lemony Snicket called THE COMPOSER IS DEAD and we will be performing it again at B.U.'s Tsai Performance Center on Sunday December 13 at 3:00PM! No kidding--this will be a GREAT concert for families--fun and funny!! With a musical petting zoo to follow--ever want to cosy up to a clarinet? or tango with a tuba? Now's your chance. For info and tickets click on:

and stay tuned!

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