Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So I wake up this morning to a photo that will haunt my dreams: LADY GAGA being presented to THE QUEEN. I can only imagine what's going through Her Majesty's head,"I don't remember making her a lady..."
 Which reminds me of a great story about Her Royal Highness which I heard from my friend who lives in London and has met HRH. Apparently someone was going through the receiving line and about to bow to The Queen, when suddenly his cell phone starts ringing. Without missing a beat, HER MAJESTY says, "Perhaps you'd better get that; it might be someone important." 
I'm now officially in love with The Queen.

I must run, but before I go, two things.
 First, I apologize for the photo not coming through in my little stocking stuffer blog. My staff will get to work on that.
Second, I promise to call a brief moratorium on the word "gorgeous." I noticed it pops up quite frequently in my blog. Shows you where my head is almost always at. I'm a beauty junky.

Goodbye for now--
and stay tuned!

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