Sunday, January 10, 2010


MY BLOG HAD A MINOR FACE LIFT! I had its colors done--I think these are more pleasing to the eye: periwinkle blue and cocoa! I am slowly ramping up to a--dare I say it?--WEBSITE!!! And you're all in on the ground floor!!! Seriously, I won't forget my original 300 or so! You have been GREAT FANS on Facebook, and I spent part of this weekend learning how to respond. Let's face it. I'm a person with 19th century skills (writing, speechifying, critiquing, dropping notes to people on stationery, etc.)slowly making my way into the 21st century.(But I won't give up my crinolines, hats, and long gloves). That I am bobbing and weaving through the blogosphere proves conclusively that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

That said, what the heck were they thinking over at NBC when they took a perfectly happy Jay Leno, and stuck him on at 10? I used to interview him on the set at'BZ when he was a standup comic around Boston and he's a great guy. But he was clearly miserable in the new arrangement from day one, overweight, unhappy,and floating around an inflated set with no desk. It looked and felt like he and his guests were lost, their conversation echoing in a big empty alienating space. All of this communicated itself to the audience who ALWAYS know when a performer is not into it. Jay tried to be a trooper, but viewers don't want to feel like they're some kind of bitter pill to swallow. I think the bloom is forever off the rose for Jay at this point. And once again a cost-saving bottom line decision blows up in the collective corporate face.

As for Conan? He's brushed up his interviewing skills considerably since he started. I interviewed him on the set before his very first show.(And I used to have his brother in homeroom when I was an English teacher at Brookline High!) He remains sharp and inventive, but he's always been a little too goofy-twitchy for me.

I am actually LOVING Jimmy Fallon (Did anyone see the bit the other night which had him writing holiday thank you notes?!!) and now he's going to be on even later! I'm ready. Put up the coffee.

--and stay tuned.

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