Sunday, January 31, 2010


I loved Wyclef--so sweet--I was actually surprised not to hear more about Haiti earlier in the broadcast, though we all noticed the little red crosses everyone is wearing.

How wonderful is Beyonce??? That she can still get nervous up there accepting an award is amazing considering the fierceness of her performances.
I wish the GLEE girl--Lea Michele--would sing!!! I love that show.
And I still remember Ricky Martin the first time he appeared on the Grammies--I was backstage with MADONNA who nearly flipped when he performed--and it was clear that we had witnessed the birth of a star and a whole new interest in Latin music! It was one of the most electrifying things I have ever seen--him singing LA VIDA LOCA--live at the Grammys!!!!


  1. You've had a great career that's for sure!

  2. We're in the home stretch. What will people be talking about tomorrow? My top 3 -=- Lady Gaga meets Sir Elton (because it was such a perfect pairing), Pink (because it was brilliant theatre from a fearless artist) and the MJ tribute.

    Hey, Roberta Flack sounds darn good -=- and I do love "Where is the Love?"

  3. Janet you're right,Elton & GaGa!

  4. Jeff Beck just played the heck out of "How High the Moon." My mom loved Les Paul and this, along with Rogers & Hammerstein, is the soundtrack of my very early childhood.