Sunday, January 31, 2010


Rihanna looks glum tonight--I hope she performs! I just read she's going out with someone who also had a restraining order out on him.

I think George Clinton is Lady Gaga's sartorial godfather. Dig the Orange spikey dreads.

Annelise and her friend Brian think Kesha is high.

Katy Perry is rockin a bindi--and a bitchy attitude--did anyone see her on Idol last week?
There goes GREEN DAY to win BEst ROCK ALbum!! Funny how everyone who performs manages to win a Grammy...


  1. Welcome to the world of writing and hoping someone reads it! Hey, tell your people that they can both monitor FB and your blog and the Grammys and whatever else is gobbling up their attentions.

    I like your remark about Rhianna...Perhaps you're suspicions are correct. Maybe she's setting herself up for something bad yet again.

    Cheers, Joyce.

    Dwayne Raymond

  2. Hi Dwayne...I love Rihanna and she's so strong and sure of herself--at leas that's the way it seemed...she's a powerhouse onstage too...Hope she stays strong--it's a VERY IMPORANT message for young women out there...