Sunday, January 31, 2010


So I'm sitting here thinking Maxwell is pretty elegant, sounds great, seems like an adult..and I hear Annelise mutter .."boring"

I wish Roberta Flack didn't look like Harpo Marx. Even so, her skin looks great. Her manager tried to pick up my producer--that would be MARJI--when she was in college.
OK--I just saw the best cutaway of the evening--Lady Gaga staring out from under a maze of sparkling triangles staring at Jeff Bridges --introducing Jeff Beck in a tribute to Les Paul.

And is that a cinnabon on the head of lead singer--Imelda May


  1. Can I be the first of many to say "Pants on the Ground"?

  2. Yes, you can (but only if you reference the Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young version)