Sunday, January 31, 2010


Has Quentin had a race transplant?

I LOVE LIL' WAYNE!!! UHOH--HE MUSTA JUST SAID A BAD WORD --the sound is dropping out! and so is his ass.
EMINEM is killer and he and Lil'Wayne have pretty much wiped the floor with Drake...

I guess Jeff Bridges is campaigning pretty heavily for the Oscar--his people have placed him EVERYWHERE!! It's OK with me--I LOVED his performance in Crazy Heart!


  1. Jeff Bridges is hot even when he is fat vomiting and drunk. He reminds me a little of my brother (not fat, vomiting and drunk)you know him quite well, he's gorgeous, my brother that is.
    Joyce you are forever beautiful and should never comment about your looks in a demeaning way for the entire world to see. some people would committ crimes to look as "bad as you do"

  2. Ahh that's brilliant, thanks a lot for sharing this with us!

  3. Awesome, glad of the results think they all deserved it!