Tuesday, January 5, 2010

KRUMPING into the future

I am still recuperating from emceeing MAYOR TOM MENINO's historic fifth term inaugural party which culminated in a festival of performances held on various stages in BOSTON'S newly refurbished PARAMOUNT THEATRE! The place was mobbed as I rushed from floor to floor, in this triple building jigsaw puzzle of a performance center, school, studio, dormitory (my brilliant architect husband loved it) introducing act after act. It was my honor to introduce "hizzoner"( in high spirits and raring to go despite nursing a repaired knee), and AMERICA'S FAVORITE DANCER: 20 year-old Roxbury native and Boston Arts Academy graduate RUSSELL FERGUSON! (I remember meeting him as a young student of Duggan Hill's "City Lights" program down on Washington Street.) Russell was just declared the Fox Network's sixth season winner of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE," before a national TV audience of millions and his proud parents in the audience in L.A! Despite an ankle injury, Ferguson harnessed his raw talent and fiery spirit to "krump" his way to the $250,000 grand prize!!!! Last night the homegrown hoofer krumped the screaming crowd and a beaming mayor to a frenzy!

Sometimes, late at night, I wonder about the differences between krumping and krunking, popping and locking, hipping and hopping... but somehow it all seemed clear when Russell took the stage, and Tom took the oath. 2010-- krumping or limping-- won't be a cakewalk, just one crazy step at a time into the future. Let's dance.

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