Friday, January 29, 2010


I very seldom play the "female" card. But every now and then I become aware that the playing field has yet to be leveled. My latest epiphany? Senator-elect Scott Brown on Leno last night. Brown was square but amusing; and one of the biggest responses he got-- scattered gasps, laughs, applause, and catcalls-- occurred when Jay resurrected Brown's nude photo spread from 28 years ago in Cosmopolitan. There it was on prime time TV-- the whole layout, full screen, just Scott Brown and nothing but his hand covering the critical mass. OK. The guy is gorgeous. And I have NO problem with his making such a display during his law school days, especially since it was intended as a good-natured spoof on the traditional exploitation of women as sex objects. And it's cool that everyone is laughing about this now, in view of his newly acquired stature as a U.S. Senator, and potential presidential candidate down the road. No big deal.

Now just imagine if that were Sarah Palin. Or Olympia Snowe. Or Martha Coakley. Or Nancy Pelosi. Would we all be joking convivially on the Leno show as her smiling naked self was flashed across the screen? Probably not.

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