Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's the morning after the seismic shock that shook the political world. Here's my brush with the senator-elect: SCOTT BROWN and I actually served together as judges on COMMUNITY AUDITIONS a few weeks back. Daughter Ayla(the"available"one)was also on the panel in the weeks before. He didn't seem to know a melisma from a yodel, but he is damn good-looking, charming, down to earth, and remembered to send me a copy of Ayla's latest CD.

My previous encounter with the Brown family happened earlier in the year at a crazy event. It was a "Dancing With The Stars" fundraiser, at which I was auctioned off to cut a rug--and found myself on the dance floor with The Mayor, an Elvis impersonator, Miss Massachusetts, a high-kicking 80-year-old nun who happened to be a former Radio City Music Hall Rockette, and Ayla Brown! Ayla's father Scott and mother--the lovely Channel 5 reporter Gail Huff--were there for family support as Ayla sang. They seemed a warm, tight-knit high-spirited family.

I hope Scott Brown is as Independent as he says. If I had to look down the road, I'd say he's perfectly positioned to be Mitt's VP when Mitt runs for president in three years, then eventually launch his own campaign for the big office. Ayla will sing at the Inauguration and Adam Lambert will not.

Or,the young senator will be dismantled, limb by limb, by the DC behemoth.

More later- am off to the theatre.
Stay tuned!!

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