Friday, January 15, 2010


So much to blog/so little time. I'm back!! I've been running around like a maniac this week!


I spoke at an event on Beacon Hill Monday night and ended up teaching a delightful elderly gentleman there how to moonwalk. I wouldn't make this up. He got it.

I taped a radio show and made my predictions for this Sunday night's GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS with my pal Janet Powers! Just go to her website and listen in on our half hour conversation

My daughter turned 16-- and got her learner's permit that very day!!! Look out. She's coming. And she knows what she's doing.

Wish I could say the same for what's onstage at The Opera House: IN THE HEIGHTS, a new musical. I don't care what Ty Burr said in the Globe. This show, while well-meaning, is dramatically flat, musically generic, corny, and featured a substantially underwhelming performer in the male lead. The plot was cliche-ridden and lacked a potent, convincing story that would have done the latino neighborhood represented proud.

Therefore, I'm sorry I wasn't home to watch part two of the 9th season AMERICAN IDOL premiere--the first half of which was held in Boston at 60 State (the former Bay Tower Room), and featured some hilarious and unforgettable auditions, one of which featured a performer who should have been onstage in IN THE HEIGHTS: the gorgeous and talented Ashley Rodriguez whom retiring judge (yes retiring) Simon Cowell said had "it." I predict she will go far!!

Finally, tonight I am emceeing an A Capppella extravaganza: A Cappella in DA' House at Theatre III in ActonJanuary 15-16-17 featuring Ball in the House, Custom Blend, and Working for Scale! For tickets go to

Oh, and did I tell you my cat Sprinkles and I play cheerio shuffleboard? Every morning.

Am off to a wedding in DC this weekend--wouldn't you know it, just as Obama is headed this way to pump up a flagging Martha Coakley campaign. I'll just have to catch him next time. Do you think he knows how to moonwalk?

Have a great weekend--
and stay tuned!

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