Monday, February 22, 2010


I spent this weekend at Foxwoods--NOT GAMBLING; instead, I listened as singers gambled on a shot at the big time: the chance to win the grand prize on COMMUNITY AUDITIONS, New England's oldest and Emmy-award winning talent showcase! I am the center judge, but more like Simon than Paula. We just kicked off the new season and taped 12 shows over two days, and the talent BLEW MY MIND! No kidding. Some of these performers sang rings around some of the 24 finalists on this season's AMERICAN IDOL.

There was the 14 year-old with braces, who, out of nowhere knocked us out with a blindingly fresh rendition of IT'S ALMOST LIKE BEING IN LOVE! She could sing in any NYC supper club tomorrow. But she's 14.

Then there was the 16 year old blonde high schooler whose vocals nearly blew the roof off the casino with the DREAMGIRLS power ballad AND I'M TELLING YOU I'M NOT GOING.

And then there was the 41 year old Jamaican who was so laid back he came with only two songs and one shirt. He has no idea how good he is. But you'll know when you hear him.

And how about the 44 year old choir director who showed up with her church group and gave us goosebumps while breathing new life into AT LAST. She made Beyonce look dull. We are recalibrating our rating system because A PERFECT 10 is no longer what it used to be. These people went to 11.

Think you've got it? I've got two suggestions:

1)Audition. Find out how at, and watch COMMUNITY AUDITIONS on WBZ Saturdays at noon, Sundays at 12:30am, and on TV38 Friday nights at 9:30pm!

2)Join me at SCULLERS in Cambridge TUESDAY APRIL 13 for STARS OVER BOSTON "SHOWER SINGERS"-- as a performer, or in the audience!

To download a contestant application, to buy tickets or for more information
Check out

Good night--
And stay tuned!

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  1. Joyce:
    1. You are not like Simon.
    2. I don't even want to know the rules for the shower singing contest.