Friday, February 12, 2010


I love the little critters--there's a party at my feeder every morning. I love the way those finches and cardinals show up as couples (especially the green lady cardinals with their fat and flashy red mates). Then there are those swinging singles-- the blue jays. I have sat for hours watching them all, the nuthatches, and chickadees and sparrows, and my cat Sprinkles watches them like TV, every morning, chattering her teeth involuntarily as they flit by the glass ignoring her while I know she's imagining some kind of fricassee.

So get ready for THE GREAT BACKYARD BIRD COUNT! It's already started! Let's do it!Here's some info and you can get even more detailed info at this link:

GBBC participant newsletter - February 2010

The Great Backyard Bird Count is almost here! It starts this Friday, February 12, and continues through Monday, February 15. It's easy and fun to participate. Just watch birds for at least 15 minutes at any locaton on one or more days of the count and report the highest number of each species you see together at one tme. For more information and birding tips be sure to visit the GBBC website and check out this year's great drawing prizes for GBBC participants. You must do your bird counts over the four days of the GBBC but you have until March 1 to enter your information through the GBBC website and to send us your entries for the GBBC photo contest.

Snazzy New Maps

We've just added new and improved navigable Google maps to the GBBC website. Use the plus/minus buttons to zoom in closer and move around the map of North America (or any state and province map, including Hawaii, in the results section). The maps will be updated every half-hour during the GBBC so you can see them change as the reports pour in.

Join us for what promises to be the greatest Great Backyard Bird Count ever!
Call: (888) 448-2473 or (519) 586-3531

(What would Hitchcock say???)

Good night--
and Stay tuned!

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