Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday Night Live

Just finished having dinner with internationally renowned Chinese cooking expert and cook book writer-- and dear friend Nina Simonds, and her delightful husband Don Rose, formerly of RykoDisc Records and now antique car afficionado and international trader. We are high on snapper, wine,and chocolate,and many stories from Andy Warhol to our crazy families--there's no difference among us is there? We all have crazy families...!

Tomorrow I will be performing at the Museum of Fine Arts as part of their Signature series with the Boston Lyric Opera!! I will play the interviewer (a stretch?)--and I will be interviewing the librettist (Hugo von Hoffmannstall) and composer (Richard Strauss) of the opera ARIADNE AUF NAXOS (had a wild dream about her years ago).Christopher Lydon will play Herr Hoffmannstall and David MacNeil will play Strauss! There will also be assorted singers from the BLO!!
The whole thing is hysterical. Sometimes I just can't figure out what I'm doing in this century. But we all have our place and time.

So come to the MFA Sunday from 2pm-3pm and check this out if opera--or Ariadne-- is your thing. Ariadne was caught between two lovers--Theseus and Dionysus. Quite the menage aux trois.But we'll get into the behind the scenes menage: Lydon, MacNeil and Kulhawik!

Good night--
and Stay tuned!


  1. Joyce,

    We truly enjoyed meeting you at the MFA. You were indeed a marvelous "interviewer". It was a great program typical of the high standards for the Boston Arts scene. We wish you all the luck and good health in your future endeavors.

    We are seeing Ariadne at MET next Saturday as well with BLO in March. This was a great introduction for us.

    Warm regards,
    Howard & Paula

  2. Joyce,

    Check out:

    You will see why I am so passionate about this truly remarkable diva.

  3. Howard & Paula--I loved meeting you both!Your absolute delight in opera was contagious. I'm headed for netrebko as I write this!
    Have a blast in NYC--where are you dining?