Friday, February 19, 2010


It's unavoidable in light of today's big news conference. But I MUST blog about TIGER WOODS and how irritated I am at the notion that he thinks anyone besides his family, and perhaps his business associates(since this hurt his business) requires an apology--privately. I certainly don't, and neither does that idiot man on the street I saw interviewed on the news who said he "didn't accept" Tiger's apology. HUH??? If people thought Tiger personally owed them good behavior, they're delusional. I don't care if he's having sex with wild yaks in heat--don't involve me by apologizing to me.

The guy is a golfer. Period. The end. He has not marketed himself as a paragon of virtue. Nor should he have. Nor is he a hero. He is a highly skilled athlete, and that has NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS CHARACTER off the green. Clearly. So why do we look up to these people??? He said he didn't want to repeat the mistakes he made. Well neither should we. Let's stop the madness, stop inflating these people until they explode in our faces. He's a golfer. I repeat, he's a guy who golfs. All he owes us is a good game if we're paying to see it. It's presumptuous for him and anyone else around him to think he owes anyone anything else. So save it.

But JOHN EDWARDS??? I can barely contain myself when I contemplate this dirtbag's level of hypocrisy. He and his cronies actively courted our belief in him as a real family guy, as he touted his solid all-American, Christian sensibility. And people actually, seriously considered him an appropriate candidate for the highest office in the land. Perhaps if he had demonstrated extraordinary political acumen, a vast intellect, and forceful leadership grounded in wide-open, heartfelt common sense and decency--any ONE of those, maybe. But the guy was a scoundrel on all fronts, lying to our faces about WHO HE WAS, and asking for our vote at the same time. This is so despicable, and alas, so commonplace.

I'm off to the theater, where things are openly not what they seem. I'll take that over the melodrama of today's stunt news conference and the book John Edwards will no doubt write.

Stay tuned!


  1. I agree with you on both counts. I actually felt bad for Tiger today, thinking what a ridiculous society we've become that we expect and demand these kinds of performances.

  2. Joyce Kulhawik: the voice of reason. Who knew? But really Joyce, wouldn't you be at least a little bit concerned if Tiger was having sex with wild yaks in heat? C'mon, Tiger and a yak, that would be a whole new level of beastiality.

  3. Hi Write Stuff-- Yeah maybe I should've drawn the line at Yaks. Love the comment!

    Hey "Z"--Can you believe how much coverage the whole thing continues to get? I agree with H.L. Mencken and PT Barnum and Jonathan Swift--they had it right when they evaluated the astuteness of the public in general, and the mob mentality that takes over when people are in groups.
    Thanks for commenting!