Monday, February 15, 2010


'Tis time to tweet.
To wit, that's what they tell me. So I twittered my first tweet, and what do you think happened? Nothing. Something is amiss in the twittosphere--it kicked me out. And then in. And then back out. It never fails; whenever I try to do something technological,that everybody else has no trouble doing--like tweeting-I always run into some strange complication. Is the zeitgeist trying to tell me something? Is it some little micro-climate of dysfunction that I radiate? Or is my own frequency just incompatible with the electromagnetic field around me (No I haven't been drinking.) Am I just too volatile, or unstable, or digitally out of whack???? I need a good physicist.
Boston, we have a problem.

My team: Eric, Marji, and Steve, tell me it will all be cleared up by tomorrow. Perhaps it's not me after all; TWITTER might be re-loading? re-booting? re-gurgitweeting? over the holiday. And as soon as Washington's birthday is over(does everyone know he was sterile?)everything will resolve itself, I hope better than his teeth.

So tonight, over pasta, wine and cupcakes, we gave it a go, and within 24 hours we'll see where it went. The grand plan is to have me tweeting so I can tweet through the Oscars!!! Yes!!!
And my tweets will appear on Facebook.

and stay tuned. (until we tweet again)


  1. Do you feel as though you are being followed? You are.
    On Twitter!
    It worked!

  2. Tweeting can be a very good device to bring more readers to your blog. I will follow you!

  3. Lay off the wine and things might work!