Thursday, March 18, 2010


I just got off the phone with THE THEATRE OFFENSIVE head Abe Rybeck whose father used to be the dentist for THE FLYING WALLENDAS! They apparently had terrible teeth and needed constant repairs for breakage from falling down. It's no wonder...check this out: Wallendas

One of the Wallendas,Karl,currently works for The Big Apple Circus whose tents will be used by Theatre Offensive for their upcoming gala fundraiser climACTS April 27. ALAN CUMMING is the guest star. Yours truly will be The Ringmaster. I'll be hanging on to my teeth.

CONAN O'BRIEN's mom recently told me as a child she once wanted a pink angora sweater for Christmas but instead got a book of manners by Emily Post. This would explain the extreme civility that runs in the family, evident in Conan's on-air handling of NBC's Late Night fiasco. I had Conan's brother in homeroom when I taught English at Brookline High. He was very polite.

Former 'BZ anchorwoman turned minister LIZ WALKER's son Nik,is a talented actor/singer who will debut an original piece this Saturday night at The People's Theatre Lab at Brookline High School Auditorium 7pm. Nik is tall, handsome, fiercely talented and has as much impact and charisma in person as his powerhouse mom LIZ!

Did you know that the following titles were once banned in Boston under pain of prosecution? AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY, ELMER GANTRY, THE SUN ALSO RISES, MANHATTAN TRANSFER.

I've added: The Other Boleyn Girl, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Alchemist, and anything by or about to be by DR's Phil, Oz, Drew, Gupta, Perricone, Mengele, Brothers, or Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman.

But Doctors Seuss, Ruth, and Atul Gawande, report in immediately. And bring Dr. Dre.

and stay tuned!

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