Monday, April 12, 2010


I'M BACK and on overload!

What do the Kennedys,Joan Rivers, Patsy Cline, and Shakespeare have in common? I tweeted about them all tonight, so check out my twitter link for full info! (I think this is an efficient way to corral a whole bunch of wild info! Let me know what you think.)
And I just rolled in from a fabulous 50th birthday party for my gorgeous friend and neighbor who shall remain ageless. Those of us on the flip side, know first hand how wonderful it is to achieve our "muchness."

That said, I am learning a hip hop routine for a "Dancing With The Stars" type fundraiser. It's just not as easy to learn hip hop as it was only days ago. I think I'm aging exponentially. I've decided not to tell my body about it; it'll find out the hard way. I will blog about it from my hospital bed after the event-- which should be followed by another fundraiser called "Traction With The Stars." People can bid on the opportunity to read to us in bed. If you want to see an entertainment emergency in progress, come to The Radiance Benefit for SPRINGSTEP

and stay tuned!

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