Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I was almost decapitated on my way to the theatre tonight by one of those mechanical arms at the parking garage. But it was inside the Opera House that I actually laughed my head off. The new Mel Brooks Musical YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN was hysterical, beginning to end, with just the right blend of shtick and tits, music and mayhem to make Mary Shelley roll over laughing in her grave.

The gang is back in the heights--Transylvania Heights. Frederick Frankenstein ("that's Fronkensteen!!")a NY brain surgeon, inherits his grandfather Von Frankenstein's castle and resists but finally succumbs to the lure of the family business: making monsters! Tightly coiled Tony winner Roger Bart, sneakily springs the part on us with maniacal glee. He's got plenty of help from triple threat Anne Horak as zoftig lab assistant Inga, Cory English as Igor the hump-backed sidekick whose hump keeps wandering from side to side, and Joanna Glushak as the candelabra-wielding Frau Blucher; the mere mention of her name riles the horses into a lather. I laughed everytime, and I am not easily amused.

This was silly, sexy, old-fashioned fun with big production numbers, tap dancing villagers, madcap escapades under a full moon and mad experiments in an electrified lab by midnight. And to cap it off there's scene-stealing local boy--Brad Oscar in a dual role, one as a blind hermit looking for love in all the wrong places!

You've only got two weeks to see it at the Opera House--through May 2!
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  1. What a great review! We were in Toronto and saw the show just before it came to Boston. Unfortunately we didn't get to see Roger Bart, but his understudy did an excellent job. Stunning cast and outstanding production - I laughed and loved every minute of it. Thanks for your wonderful review!

  2. Thanks for reading, Jin! I wish I had video of the show to post! Am working on this!

  3. Joyce,just pick up a HD Flip,they're awesome!