Monday, May 3, 2010


For the last week, a bird has been flying repeatedly into my glass door. The creature perches in the window box, then flies into the glass, and does this over and over, intermittently during the day. For days. It's happening right now. What does this mean?

I know this is nesting time, and several generations of house finches have built and rebuilt their nests in our awnings over the last 10 years. This is not a house finch. It is larger. And smoother. And it looks solitary. Is it trying to make a nest, then hitting a wall while checking out the space, then forgetting and doing it all over again?

Is it a signal from the universe? What wall do I keep banging MY head against? What do I need to open the door to??

I asked my husband. He says they don't call'em "bird brains"for nothing.


  1. Bird brains - funny. We had birds occasionally fly into the glass of our french patio doors. My first guess at a solution is to put up something that resembles a face with big eyes. I think they don't like to fly towards a person from the front. (I remember some runners being attacked by birds while jogging in wooded areas, and the advice was to wear a hat with eyes on the back. Just a thought.

  2. Hi S.R.-- Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I'm more interested in understanding the behavior! Someone suggested that the bird is being territorial and attacking what it thinks is another bird, when actually it's just its own reflection in the glass. Think of the existential implications of that...

  3. Interesting. A stick-on picture of a predator bird might prove that theory (e.g. a hawk or a falcon).

  4. Another theory is that the bird is indeed attacking, but mistaking your house for Jack Williams'.