Tuesday, July 6, 2010


YES to BABIES which charts the first year in the life of four infants from around the globe, from San Francisco to Mongolia to Tokyo to Namibia! The film unfolds--sans dialogue--in extraordinary pictures like a fascinating wild life documentary--except the wild life is human. The common denominator is the love of the mothers for their babies, and the inescapable sense that whatever their physical surroundings,the babies are remarkably alike and different. We watch their personalities branch out as if cued by mysterious and unique internal maps. They are destined to become themselves and we get to watch act I.

YES! The new documentary which had them gasping and laughing at Sundance "JOAN RIVERS: A PIECE OF WORK" is hilarious and jaw-droppingly revealing. The groundbreaking comedienne is driven, damaged, and scary to behold. This documentary peels back the layers to reveal the desperately needy diva beneath the cracker-jack quips and plastic surgery; her career in comedy is her lifeline. We spend a year with Joan on the road, kvetching unless she's triple booked, refusing no offer however humiliating, swearing she'd wear diapers if necessary to advertise an incontinence remedy. She needs the love. But she doesn't hesitate to lash out at a heckler who challenges her style of joke-making; it's breathtaking to watch her take a stand for her brand of truth-telling. See it!

YES! TOY STORY THREE truly deserves its blockbuster status. Tom Hanks as Woody is back with the gang in a film that has everything for everyone: it’s technically splendid, with those wonderfully alive characters, and an emotionally and psychologically rich story that will resonate with anyone who ever had a toy, an imagination, or has suffered the pangs of growing up and leaving home. I actually cried. Don’t Miss this.

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