Thursday, February 17, 2011


Do these people look familiar to you???
They do if you remember a little locally produced show hosted by Robin Young and Marty Sender called EVENING MAGAZINE! The show also featured a former English teacher and young "tipster" named Joyce Kulhawik who demonstrated new "Fads & Gadgets," gave tips on what to do on an "Instant Weekend," and where to go on a "Tank Away"!This was the show that gave me my start along with so many others in the business. It was the first "magazine style" television show and changed everything. A few months back, scores of us flew in from all over the country and gathered at Anthony's Pier 4 to reconnect and remember the way it was. Pictured above from left to right:
Linda Harris, Sara Edwards, Barry Nolan, Robin Young, and yours truly. Click on the box below and be ready for a blast from the past!

And here watch for a very young Mary Hart, Jay Leno, Larry Bird, Tom Brokaw and so many more!

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