Monday, May 2, 2011


It's been a long time coming, but Spring has sprung with a bang!

Obama got Osama! Looks like the President finished what the cowboy couldn't, and he did so with extraordinary care, precision, no American losses, no civilian casualties, photographic and DNA confirmation of the terrorist's identity, and burial at sea within 24 hours in deference to Islamic law. Everyone who needed to be in the loop was discreetly notified BEFORE it was released to the press, and the Pakistanis have been hoist with their own duplicitous petar-- and forced to smile through it. Finally, the spontaneous rallying of Americans from DC to Ground Zero to the Hub was a much needed release from the tension of increasingly acrid partisan bickering.

Kate and Will got married! This has signaled what I hope is a sea change in style, a refreshing break from the current penchant for the pornographic bare-all emotionalism we call "reality." They were so composed and true, so dignified yet relaxed; they didn't feel the need to make some big narcissistic statement about doing it their way; they just did, and honored everyone else too, and did it on time, and with perfect aplomb, like adults, and even so their youth and freshness came shining through. What could be more modern than being honest and appropriate? It was all there in the details: the gown-- absolutely classic and lovely; the ceremony-- grand, yet simple and heartfelt; the hats--sartorial flights of fancy in delightful contrast to British reserve and the dignity and seriousness of the occasion. The kisses --discreet and brief; it was to the newlyweds' credit that they refused to act like zoo animals on display. The exception and perhaps only blight on an otherwise flawless day-- Fergie's two daughters who looked like they'd flown in on an ill wind. In their gaudy party dresses, too thick eyeliner, and hideously over-the-top toppers, they looked in desperate need of guidance.

Finally today, this scene from my window: house finches continued building nests in my awnings, a big brown bunny sat still under the weeping cherry, a fat gray squirrel attempted a raid on the bird feeder, while my cats eyed them all from the tall grass. Then I remembered--the Taliban had just launched its Spring Offensive. Eleven people died-- including one 12 year old boy sent to the slaughter as a suicide bomber. They must be so proud.

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