Sunday, June 26, 2011


ALERT!!! Disregard the GLOBE's review. BAD TEACHER is GOOD! Cameron Diaz gives a go-for-broke performance in the role she was born to play: Ms. Elizabeth Halsey a smokin' hot middle school teacher whose one goal in life is to marry a rich man who'll support her penchant for weed, hot cars, and high-heeled designer ankle boots. The quickest way to snag the right guy? Boob job--and she'll stop at nothing to raise the cash to get one. The 7th grade car wash turns into a soft-core porn video with Ms. Halsey in high heels, short shorts, and suds. The story she invents about why she broke off her engagement plays like an increasingly obscene and hysterically funny leitmotif; it seems Ms. Halsey's imagination is as purple as her vocabulary.

The rest of the cast is equally hysterical-- Lucy Punch literally so, as Ms. Squirrel the goody-two-shoes teacher across the hall who's wound a little too tight, and who competes with Ms. Halsey for the cute, rich, but dweeby new sub ironically played by Justin Timberlake (Diaz's real life ex!). Watching Timberlake sing and dance like a dork, not to mention his orchestration of one mindblowingly funny, fully-clothed sex scene, gave me new respect for the performer's comedy chops. Phyllis Smith ("The Office") plays Halsey's dowdy colleague/wannabe girlfriend with goofy ardor, while the coolest guy at school is the overweight gym teacher--played by Jason Segel who's got Ms. Halsey's number--even though she won't give it to him.

It's downright refreshing to see a female character acting like an shallow, foul-mouthed moron-- and because the script is so funny, and Diaz plays with such abandon, I laughed my head off! Ultimately, she and the film have their hearts in the right place-- It's just silly summer funny! BAD TEACHER has really BAD LANGUAGE (the above trailer is cleaned up.) So leave the kids to their computers.

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