Monday, July 18, 2011


It's the coolest thing in town right now-- and it's only here until July 24! They call themselves:

You may think the performers doth toot their own horns too much. Methinks you would be wrong. I was mesmerized and tickled and left gasping by this astonishing amalgam of acrobatics, juggling, acting, mime-- all grafted onto, or springing out of-- scenarios which accumulate meaning beyond the stunts. Picture this: A man on a couch in his psychiatrist's office; before long he's fraught with tension juggling his memories (and some bowling pins) and we understand the stress of trying to keep all the pins in the air as he balances the vicissitudes of life in a constantly shifting universe. And that's just the beginning. Some of this is just plain physically astonishing.

Presented by Arts Emerson--See it at the Cutler Majestic through July 24.
Bring some smelling salts.

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