Monday, September 26, 2011

MY NEW WEBSITE: JoycesChoices!!!


I am plunging ever deeper into cyberspace and this is for all my faithful blog followers! There is now a NEW and BETTER way to follow my postings, musings, rants & raves! Check out my NEW WEBSITE:!!

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Here's the link:

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I will leave this blog up to redirect people to my new site--I am still tweaking, but check it out!

And as always MANY THANKS FOR STICKING WITH ME-- I'm having a blast!

See you shortly! Now subscribe-- and tell your friends...!


  1. It was nice to see you at the Hanover! Great job. I have a picture I'd like to share of you and Jeannie Hebert. Couldnt post it to your fan page though? Please like my modeling page. I just liked you so you'll see it.


  2. Hi, Joyce: I'm working on a Documentary movie that I'd like to interview you for: "The Women Who Rocked Boston" - about the history of women in the Rock Music scene from the 1960s to today. Please contact me (Andrew Szava-Kovats) at:

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